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Property Development Services

You own a historical or older Downtown Mesquite property. You want to restore what's authentic and unique, but you also want to equip the building for modern-day use. What to do?

Start with the Downtown Mesquite Development Office. We can visit with you about your goals, acquaint you with the planning process, and even connect you with free design services and grant opportunities. We can show you best practices whether you are looking to replace a sign, add new lighting, or restoring the entire facade.

Because our downtown is part of the Texas Main Street Program, properties in our program area are eligible for free expert design assistance through architects and design associates at our state office. Though this service won't replace your need for an architect, it will guide you to the very best methods for making the most out of your one-of-a-kind building. Please see the link below for an application form.

To help make those designs a reality, we also offer a reimbursement grant for approved facade work - this can include signage, lighting, restoration of historic features, and more. In addition, soft costs such as architectural work and engineering are also available for the program. Please see the link below for more information on the facade grant program.

Interested in helping your property be the best it can be? Email us at or call us at (972) 216-6450.

Bink Suites - 110 W. Main

At left, Barbers Ink, 2020.
At right, renamed as Bink Suites, 2022

Metzger Awards - 105 W. Main

Metzger Awards, 105 W. Main St.
Before, 2018
After, 2020

Carroll Place Projects Approved

More investment by property owners into their locations in Downtown Mesquite is on the way. The Mesquite City Council has approved a new application for the Facade Improvement Program. Carroll Place, 215, and 217 W. Main Street will have significant enhancements to the exterior of the building.

Mesquite Downtown Manager Beverly Abell said, “Facade improvements are crucial to the success of the entire district. It has been demonstrated by the Main Street Program over decades that authentic, well-maintained properties boost business and the economic viability of the neighborhood.”

The Carroll Place project is more than $80,000 and will feature the restoration of the original door and window positions, the original cast-iron posts will be exposed, the tie-rod canopies will be restored and new lighting will be added. The masonry will also be re-pointed, the doors and windows will be replaced and the Front Street facing side will receive new stucco, paint, and doors.

Downtown Mesquite Advisory Board Chairman Lisa Haar said, “I am super excited about this additional visual affirmation of the changes that are happening downtown. Because a good deal of what we do is behind the scenes, the façade improvements are important because they make an awesome instant visual impact.”

This historic building in Downtown Mesquite was built in the early 1900s and one of the earliest occupants was the Hudson Davis & Co. Store, which sold dry goods, clothing, shoes and more.

The City started the Downtown Mesquite Façade Improvement Program in 2019. It was created to encourage the improvement of properties within the downtown area. The Facade Improvement Program is accepting applications from downtown businesses. Approved projects are eligible for a 50% reimbursement of the cost, with a maximum reimbursement of $20,000. The program also includes free design services.

downtown mesquite facade grant brochure

Facade grant brochure outer page
Facade grant brochure inner page

Helpful resources

Preservation Briefs: The Briefs are instructional guides to proper rehabilitation of older and historic properties. Whether it's as simple as tuck pointing or elaborate as additions, the Briefs offer clear guidelines as to how to best approach your project.

Preservation Primer: Learn the terminology and tools common to preservation and adaptive reuse of older properties.

How to Save a Place: This guide by the National Trust for Historic Preservation offers several guides to the why and how of saving places.

Before and After: Sample before-and-after property rehabilitation projects from the Texas Main Street network.

Design on a Dime: Property renovations don't have to break the bank. Take a look at these examples from the Texas Main Street Program.

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