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Space Rules

  1. Vendors must provide their entire setup, including tents, tables, and displays
  2. Each booth space is 10 ft x 10 ft.
  3. All items must be contained within your space
    • Exception: A sandwich board is allowed but may not impede traffic flow. The market manager may request that you move or remove it at any time.
  4. Tents are required for all spaces.
    • We prefer White colored canopies, and tents with straight legs
    • Tents must be 10 ft x 10 ft. Any tents larger than this will not be allowed
  5. Weights are not required if you are in the main event area (spaces 1-34). Each space in the main event area has tie-downs for the corners of your tent. We will provide zip-ties to secure your tent to them.
  6. If you are located outside of spaces 1-34, you must supply 80 lbs of weights for your tent (20 lbs on each leg).


  1. The Market Team will work with you to create a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing display of products and overall booth presentation. Please be open-minded and receptive to ideas as we want to maintain a high-quality image within the market and help maximize your sales.
  2. All tables must be covered.
  3. All items intended for human consumption must be kept off the ground at all times, free from insects and pests, and be in a safe and sound condition. The producer/seller will be solely responsible for damages resulting from the sale of unsound goods.
  4. Please remove all empty boxes and crates from sight, where possible, to maintain a clean booth appearance. If not possible to remove or hide them, please stack them in the neatest way possible.


  1. All trash must be hauled off and disposed of using the dumpsters at Front Street Station on the West Side
  2. All trash must be bagged and boxes are broken down prior to disposal
  3. Cooking oil must be collected and disposed of off-site


  • The event area may be windy.
  • Please prepare for the wind by doing the following:
    • Secure your tent to the ground using provided zip ties and/or weights
    • Ensure items that may be affected by wind are secured
    • Use baskets and containers for lighter items
    • Use clips, vice grips, weights, or tape to hold down displays/items on tables
    • Use weights to secure free-standing displays
    • Ensure that any fragile items which could tip over (ceramics and glassware, especially) are extremely secure.
    • Use fitted tablecloths or tape tablecloths where they are safe and don't move.
    • Ensure tent side walls are taut, otherwise, they can become sails. You may need to add or remove side walls depending on your best judgment.
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