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Vendor and Participant Behavior


  • Please keep in mind that your behavior reflects on the market as a whole, and the City of Mesquite.
  • Your attitude should be enthusiastic and upbeat.
  • We strive to keep a positive environment. We will not tolerate any talking negatively about the Market, the City, or fellow vendors.
    • If you have an issue or believe another vendor to be in violation of our Rules, please speak to the Market Manager and follow the Disputes and Grievances process (section below).
  • Smoking and vaping are not allowed at the Market, within the Front Street Station event area, or near surrounding businesses
    • You may smoke or vape, but you must go to the far ends of the parking lot along the fence by the railroad.
    • Please be discreet and keep away from market patrons as much as possible.
    • Ensure that your cigarette butts are fully extinguished, and dispose of them in your space. Do not leave them on the ground under any circumstances.


Vendors will be notified of violations of the rules and regulations by one of two methods:
  1. A verbal notification on a market day from the Market Manager, followed by email verification, or
  2. By written notice from the Market Manager or Mesquite Downtown Development Manager.
If a vendor fails to cease or remedy a violation within the time specified, the vendor may, at the Market Manager's and/or City’s discretion, be subject to any of the following:
  1. Relocation of booth space
  2. Suspension from the Market
  3. A fine in the amount of $100
The Market Manager and/or City may, at its discretion, terminate a vendor’s participation in the Market for repeated violations of which the vendor has been notified.


The following procedures are in place to provide any vendor with a clear process for settling a dispute or addressing a complaint or grievance.

On-site Resolution

The Market Manager is the first step in addressing any matter. The manager will make every effort to resolve an issue. Vendors are asked to provide the manager with a clear explanation of an issue and to work with staff to reach a resolution. After gathering all available information, the Market manager and staff will make a determination regarding the issue based on their interpretation of the best interest of the Market as a whole and the specific circumstances. Vendors must abide by the determination on that Market day so as to maintain order in the Market.

If a vendor disagrees with the determination, the formal Grievance Process is in place.


A vendor should send a written statement of the grievance via email to the Market Manager within thirty (30) days of the incident. The Market Manager and the Mesquite Downtown Development Manager shall use their best efforts to resolve the grievance within fourteen (14) working days of receiving the written statement. At the end of this time period, the Market Manager shall issue a written response to the grievant with either the resolution or next steps if additional time is needed to address the issue. The Market Manager shall issue a final written response to the grievant within thirty (30) days of the initial complaint.
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